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Lighting Mentorship

With Chris Durso


Lighting Mentorship

In this month long Mentorship, the artist will be mentored on how to approach Lighting in various situations and moods. With an emphasis on theory, mood, shape language, and higher level creative concepts. I can help mentor in interior and exterior situations. How to breathe life into scenes whether for films or games, how to convey mood and emotion, story telling, utilizing shapes and composition.

Through this we can use any medium to achieve desired results that will take your work to the next level. I will use real examples from fine art, photography, films and games. We will also look at how to manipulate camera angles, shapes and surface qualities to achieve compelling shots.

My focus is less on technique, but more on the thought process and feeling that goes into creating something powerful and meaningful. We will discuss higher level concepts that you will be able to utilize the rest of your life even long after the tools have changed.

My goal as a coach and teacher is to instill a sense of feel for lighting beyond following a technique or idea so that you will always be drawing from your own personal feeling and ideas and imagination, rather than a predefined set of techniques. With our time together you can expect to be getting outside of your comfort zone and learning things that will take your work to exciting places whether its for films, games, painting, photography. What I teach can be used in any context.

Mentorship Details

  • Duration - 1 Month
  • Feedback - 4 One On One Calls + Discord Community
  • Skill Level - Beginner To Advanced
  • Prerequisites - Knowledge of 3D Modeling / Texturing / Rendering

Mentor Specializations

  • Principles of Lighting
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Color Theory / Mood
  • Composition / Shape Language
  • Story Telling / Visual Development

Tools Used

  • Unreal Engine 4 / Marmoset Toolbag
  • Octane
  • Keyshot
  • Offline Renderers
  • Photoshop

Mentor Bio

Chris Durso | Senior Environment Artist

Chris is currently working as a Senior Environment and Lighting Artist at Ubisoft Massive in Sweden. Growing up in Seattle he has nearly 15 years of experience working on games such as Halo 4, Shadow of War, Socom 4, MAG and Division 2.

With a background in illustration, animation and industrial design Chris has worked as a Concept Artist, and Art Director for the indie game "Divide" and as a lighting artist. His background in fine art and industrial design has led him to devoting himself to studies in fine art and real lighting situations with a focus on interior situations. His combination of utilizing 2d, 3d and lighting techniques have led to holding a variety of jobs within the game industry with a focus on interiors, design and lighting.