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Level Design Mentorship

With Ryan Smith

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Level Design Mentorship

In this month-long Mentorship, the artist / designer will be mentored on how to approach their work from a level design point of view with an emphasis on gameplay and narrative. They will learn how to create and implement compelling player-driven experiences into their levels.

Using an existing or brand-new level, we will approach level creation as a designer to dissect and analyze its playability, scale, framing, and flow. We will get in tune with your design sensibilities and set a solid foundation for your levels to have a rich game-play experience while keeping the World Builder in mind.

Because Art and Design are the Yin and Yang of good game development, this Mentorship is also great for any World Builder who wants to better understand the psychology of players to push their World Art into new directions.

At the end of the Mentorship the artist / designer will have a greater understanding of core AAA Level Design principles and the reasoning behind these philosophies and choices. We will meld these disciplines into one for you to hone your craft and broaden your skillset.


Mentorship Details

  • Duration - 1 Month
  • Feedback - One On One Calls + Discord Community
  • Skill Level - Beginner To Advanced
  • Prerequisites - Some basic knowledge of 3D Modeling, scripting, and Level Editors.

Mentor Specializations

  • Layout & Design principles and workflows
  • Open World | Single & Multiplayer
  • Narrative & Combat Design
  • Understanding player psychology
  • Design documentation
  • Unreal + Radiant + Hammer + Unity

Tools Used

  • Any Level Editor of your choosing (Unreal Engine 4, Radiant, Hammer, Unity)
  • Photoshop
  • MS Word/Power Point

Mentor Bio

Ryan Smith | Senior Level Designer

With a background in multiplayer modding and nearly a decade of industry experience as a Level Designer, Ryan has contributed to multiple AAA projects including Tom Clancy's The Division 2, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Black Ops 2.

Ryan has strong history of creating incredibly immersive Single Player mission experiences, Ryan leaves no stone unturned when it comes to crafting a memorable player experience. Whether the goal is to create a fresh and interesting gameplay scenario or to drive home a narrative that’s sure to stick with players, he’s passionate about finding the best possible way to achieve it.

Having presented at SMU Guildhall in Plano Texas and The Game Assembly in Malmo Sweden, Ryan enjoys helping Designers unlock new methods to achieve their goals, all while he continues to grow and learn as a Designer himself. His goal with the mentorship program is to bridge the common gap between Art and Level Design.



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