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Concept Art Mentorship

With Jennifer Mills

6 Hours of “One On One” Calls


Mentorship Info

In this Mentorship, the artist will be mentored on the creation of professional concept art for the video game and film industries.

Beginning with a review of your artwork or portfolio, we will work together to create a tailor-made plan of action that focuses on enhancing your creative thinking and technical accuracy, while setting long and short-term goals. We will go over some best practices, tips, and techniques that can be utilized when developing concepts for environments, characters, creatures, props, or weapons. The entire concepting process will be covered, from high-level ideation and reference gathering to final touches and presentation. I will go over the role of concept art for games and film, how and where concept art is used, the different types of concept art, and what makes a concept piece successful. For this Mentorship, I recommend that Mentees choose a focus on only one or two concept categories, to allow a deeper dive into the material. We can work on improving your existing pieces, starting new pieces from scratch, or both! It’s up to you.

By the end of our time together, you will have learned theories, tools and techniques on how to create effective and impactful AAA concept art within a production pipeline. In addition, you will have a plan of action moving forward on how to improve your portfolio and reach your creative and professional goals.

Mentorship Details

  • Duration - 6 Hours of "One On One" Calls.
  • Feedback - One On One Calls + Discord Community
  • Skill Level - Beginner To Advanced
  • Prerequisites - Basic knowledge of Photoshop, intermediate drawing skills, portfolio of work.

Mentor Specializations

  • Characters | Costuming | Anatomy
  • Environments | Biomes | Props | Architecture
  • Game Art Pipelines & Workflows
  • Composition | Color | Rendering
  • Portfolio Development & Curation

Tools Used

  • Photoshop
  • Drawing Tablet / Cintiq

Mentor Bio

Jennifer Mills | Principal Art Director

Jennifer has been working in the video game and entertainment industries as an artist for close to a decade. Having contributed to over a dozen projects throughout her career, Jennifer has provided everything from hand-painted textures, to concept art, marketing art, 3D models, illustrations, and UI/UX designs.

She specializes in concept art, illustration, world building, and art direction. She also enjoys learning about all the pieces that go into creating a beautiful and visually-engaging game. As a Principal Art Director at Wizards of the Coast, Jennifer is currently helping to define the visual style and quality bar for a number of unannounced digital properties. Jennifer lives in Seattle where she is able to live out her dream of being surrounded by nature while petting dogs.

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