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Environment Art Mentorship

With Chris Radsby

6 Hours of “One On One” Calls


Mentorship Info

In this month long Mentorship, the artist will be mentored on how to create Artistic, Soulful & Powerful Environment Art with a focus on how to achieve greater artistic results focusing on core art skills and nifty tech tricks. The perfect opportunity to learn what you need to grow both artistically and technically.

You’ll be guided through everything related to the creation of beautiful environments using modern industry-standard workflows.. But depending on your skillset & goals we will specifically go through planning an environment, modeling, uv-layout, texturing, color/composition theory, lighting, set dressing & how to use shaders to improve your art.

By the end of the Mentorship the artist will have a greater understanding in color & composition principles, how to plan the production of assets & environments but also become more knowledgeable in all areas regarding 3d art production for modern AAA or Indie Games. Using Unreal Engine 4, you will learn how to create more beautiful environments.

Mentorship Details

  • Duration - 6 Hours of "One On One" Calls.
  • Feedback - 6 Hours One On One Calls + Discord Community
  • Skill Level - Beginner To Advanced
  • Prerequisites - Some knowledge of modeling principles, Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop

Mentor Specializations

  • Color Theory, Composition Theory & Lighting
  • Realistic & Stylized Environment Building
  • Modular Mesh Workflows, Foliage Creation, Texture Workflows
  • Blockouts to Finished Environments for Portfolio & Games
  • Game-Ready Meshes & Shader Creation

Tools Used

  • Modo / Maya / 3D Studio Max
  • Substance Designer & Painter
  • ZBrush / Mudbox
  • Unreal Engine 4 / Marmoset Toolbag
  • World Machine & World Creator
  • SpeedTree

Mentor Bio

Chris Radsby | Senior Environment Artist

Chris has nearly a decade of experience working in the AAA games-industry working on everything from powerful current generation consoles to handhelds. Starting off his career with Motorstorm Apocalypse he has since then worked on Wipeout 2048, Far Cry 3 & The Division as well as the latest project at Ubisoft Massive, the Avatar Project

Having made mostly realistic art during his career has driven him to simplify his style and focus on his core-art skills at home. Coming from a programmer education that later ventured into Art can be seen in his latest personal works where he tries to mix-it-up with some interesting technical solutions to make his environment pieces feel more alive.  

His true passion for environment art lies in creating beautiful and soulful art that moves the viewer. 


Chris was an invited speaker at these events:

Publications & Articles:

80.Level Article 2017 - Achieving 70s Sci-Fi Look in Unreal

80.Level Article 2018 - Tips on Stylized Environment Building


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