Frequently Asked Questions

Best way to contact The Mentor Coalition?

Via Email | thementorcoalition @

Feeling unsure of how to approach the Mentorship?

Thats okay because that is exaclty why The Mentor Coalition is here! We will work with you directly to help create a plan and help you overcome any artistic or technical challenges you might be facing.

When & How Will You Be Charged?

You WILL NOT be charged upon signing up. Meaning you can sign up to hold your spot and you will be charged at a later date.

The payment will be processed roughly a week and a half before the Mentorships are due to start.

What is the difference between a "Mentorship" and "Career Coaching"

The Mentorships are focused on offering a "One On One" experience with hands on demonstrations where the Mentor works directly with the Mentee's files, showing you in application how to best achieve results.

The "Career Coaching" being offered is focused more on portfolio / presentation of assets and growing soft skills such as web presence / interview strategies and less on hands on demonstrations.

Do I have to take a Mentorship to get access to the Discord community?

Both the Mentorships and Career Coaching offer "The Mentor Coalition" Discord Community.

How can I get the most of The Mentor Coalition experience?

Showing up to each call with progress made on your project(s) and questions ready to go will go a long way to getting you better feedback and direction from you Mentor.

Additionally we highly recommend being active in The Mentor Coalition Discord community engaging in conversation and providing helpful input along side other artists and Mentors.

Is The Mentor Coalition like a typical university course structure?

It is not set up like a typical course. There is no course outline or homework. Each month the Mentee and Mentor will work together to create a solid plan for the month they are working together. This way the Mentee is able to focus on exactly what they want to that month with guidance and expertise input / feedback from their Mentor.

For example if you want to take the "Weapon Art" mentorship and you want to focus entirely on Modeling and Baking workflows and techniques that is more than welcome.

The goal with each Mentorship is to provide you with highly personalized One On One direction, feedback, and guidance.

What happens to the files I worked on with my Mentor?

All of the files worked on during a Mentorship will be saved on a cloud drive ensuring safety and accessibility over the long term.

Can I take more than one Mentorship a month?

While we are thilled you would even consider this we recommend you focus on taking one Mentorship per month in order to get the most out of your experience.

Can I take a Mentorship more than once?

Yes you can sign up for a Mentorship more than once! You are welcome to take them back to back or space it out by a few mnonths depending on your needs and schedule.

I just signed up for a Mentorship, what happens next?

After you sign up for a Mentorship you will be emailed with instructions / next steps and be introduced to your mentor :-).

What happens if I miss a scheduled call?

We ask for at least 24-48 hours notice if you are not going to be able to make the call. We understand life happens and things don't always go according to plan.

However, if you miss a scheduled call without giving any notice the Mentor is not obligated to make up the call.

Can I change the date and time of a scheduled call?

As previously mentioned, we understand that life happens. If you need to re-schedule a Mentorship call, reach out to your Mentor and try to figure out another date and time to make up the call.

When figuring out the make up call date and time, please keep in mind the Mentors are working Full Time jobs.

Does taking the Mentorship or Career Coaching provide me with an opportunity for internship or employment at the Mentors studio?

While we are focused on helping you grow your skillset and achieving your potential in your career, we cannot guarantee any internship or employment opportunities with any of our employers or for any job posting you may apply for.

Can I record the Mentorship or Career Coaching Calls?

You are not permitted to record the calls with your Mentor. As mentioned previously, all of the files you work on will be handed over to you every week.

Can I get One On One hands on feedback from a Mentor while in the Discord community?

We want to provide you with high quality feedback both during the Mentorship and throughout your time on the Discord community. However, outside of the scheduled call times, the Mentors are not obligated to get on a call and give One On One hands on feedback. With that said, written feedback and quick paintovers can be expected.