How do I participate?

  • Simply follow the information below

  • Most importantly, have fun, create, and support
    your fellow #BLOCKTOBER participants.

Contest Guidelines

What type of Level Design Blockout?

  • Any type of game set in any type of environment.

  • Narrative / Combat / Vista / Traversal Path etc

What settings are allowed?

  • The blockout setting is very flexible.

  • Could be real world / distant future / ancient, made up etc.

Can I submit more than one map?

  • Yes for sure! Have fun and get creative! We are excited to see your creations!

How Are We Judging A Winner?

Include As Many Level Design Elements As Possible

  • Gameplay Setups: This can include combat and cover setups, puzzle setups, exploration setup.

  • Traversal Hints | Player Pathing | Verticallity | Leading Lines | Composition etc.

What Tools Can I use?

Create Level Designs Using Any Editor

  • Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Source, etc.

Can I use 3D Software?

  • Yes you can use 3D packages to make basic blockmesh or primitive shapes.


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Submissions Guidelines

Final Render Submissions

  • Final shots MUST be submitted to THIS FOLDER.

  • Participants MUST post WIP shots to the public Discord channel.

  • Renders MUST be 1920x1080 resolution or higher.

  • The image file names MUST include your first and last name.

What Are The Disqualifiers?

No Final Assets Allowed

  • Blockmesh or BSP only.

  • Strict use of Blockout Materials only.

  • Throwing any type of art including detailed models or textures is NOT ALLOWED.

Not Properly Submitting

  • Final shots MUST be submitted to THIS FOLDER.

  • Posting only to the Discord and failing to post to the above linked folder means your work will NOT BE considered.


  • There is ZERO TOLERANCE for negativity during this contest.

  • We are here to be creative, grow our skillsets, and have fun.

  • Any negative chatter in the Discord channel will result in disqualification.

  • Simply put, dont be an asshole.