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VFX Mentorship

With Nick Peterson


Realistic VFX Mentorship

Throughout the month long mentorship, the artist will be instructed on how to approach an effect and plan it through from beginning to end. Through the process, you will learn how to develop an eye for motion, silhouette, and timing to help create an impactful effect.

We will begin the mentorship by assessing the artists goals, and their current skill level. The artist will be guided along the way to design and create effects from start to finish; planning, gathering reference, and digging into the tools and techniques necessary for VFX artists to understand. These include mesh and UV tools, Photoshop/Texture creation, color and design, and motion principles.

By the end of the mentorship, the artist will understand the workflow, tools, and concepts used by professionals in AAA to create game ready VFX.

Mentorship Details

  • Duration - 1 Month
  • Feedback - 4 One On One Calls + Discord Community
  • Skill Level - Beginner To Intermediate
  • Prerequisites - Knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 preferably with Cascade / Material Editor.

Mentor Specializations

  • Color Theory As Related to VFX
  • Design For Realistic VFX
  • World / Prop FX
  • Timing / Motion
  • UE4 Materials

Tools Used

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Blender
  • Houdini
  • Photoshop

Mentor Bio

Nick Peterson | Senior VFX Artist

With thirteen years of VFX experience, Nick has shipped many titles utilizing Unreal Engine, Unity, and industry standard DCC applications. Titles include Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Law Breakers, Fates Forever (iPad), Borderlands 2 and DLC, Aliens: Colonial Marines and DLC, and Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Using FX to drive player experience is an art form. It requires the artist to understand and express color, form, motion, silhouette, and timing to drive player and environmental feedback to bring the game world to life!

Nick taught courses in VFX and Materials and Lighting at Richland Community College in Dallas, Texas. He has mentored a number of students in industry tools and techniques since. His no-nonsense attitude pushes and guides his students to put their best foot forward and realize their goals of game development and industry employment.